FPT05DDC Dyna-Tower Harness


  • $479.95 /ea


Dyna-Tower harness were designed specifically for the tower industry where comfort, fit and weight are very important. The integrated breathable comfort pad is a perfect size to maximize comfort without causing unnecessary heat zones. All the hardware is aluminum removing all unnecessary weight which make them lighter than traditional harnesses. The Dyna-Tower harnesses have removable saddle or work seat which provides additional comfort when working at heights for longer period of times. There are two d-rings on the front for ultimate versatility when connecting to ladder systems or rescue/rope access devices. The integrated belt provides comfort when in work positioning but is specifically designed to ensure proper load transfer from the belt to the harness to maximize the load distribution to the body. These harnesses are certified to CSA class ADPLE. They also meet and exceed ANSI and OSHA regulations.

Model: FPT05DDC


  • Class A, P & L; Fall Arrest, Work Positioning & Ladder Climbing
  • D-Rings: 2x Front, 1x Back, 2x Side/Hips
  • CSA Certified by CSA Canada

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