HP142R "Rocky" Polycarbonate/ABS Hard Hat


  • $94.95 /ea


This hat has been conceived for people working at heights or in confined spaces as well as for rescue teams. It is also ideal for sportsman for rock climbing or for speleologists. Made of Polycarbonate/ABS making the hat ultra light while offering an exceptional protection against shocks, radiation and impacts. Non-vented Hat offering maximum protection against electrical chocks. Available in Type 1 and Type 2. The absence of the front peak offer a total non-obstructed vision up stream. The universal slots on each side of the helmet gives you the opportunity to install either ear muffs or a lamp bracket on the hat. The 4-point suspension with the exclusive “Sure Lock II” ratchet adjustment offer the perfect fit for all types of heads small or large. The shell offers a large printing surface in front, in the back and even on the sides so that you can apply your Logo or all other types of artwork. Comes with an easily adjustable, high quality, 4-point integrated chin strap


  • Ultra light Shell made out of Polycarbonate/ ABS while offering you superior protection.
  • Shell has no front peak providing you a clear upward vision.
  • Attractive ergonomic shell with fluid curves that do not interfere with the users ears.
  • Large printing surface for your Logo.
  • Redesigned suspension for maximum comfort.
  • Maximum suspension adjustment to fit small and large heads.
  • New and improved ratchet system “Sure-Lock II”
  • Comfortable 4-point chin strap with easy adjustment.
  • Universal slots for Ear Muffs.
  • CSA Certified Type 2 Class E Z94.1-15
  • ANSI Certified Type 2 Class E Z89.1-2014
  • CE Certified EN3907 : 2012

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